Navigating the Minefield: 5 Top Stocks Under $10 with Strong Fundamentals

Finding high-quality stocks with share prices under $10 can be a daunting task, as a low share price can signal significant issues with a company’s underlying business. But fear not, as there are some hidden gems in the $10 stock market bargain bin. Here are the top 5 stocks with share prices of $10 or less that demonstrate attractive business metrics, including profitability and long-term growth potential, as well as a Wall Street “buy” consensus and at least $50 million in market capitalization with forward earnings of less than 14.


  1. Assertio Holdings (ASRT) – Healthcare, market cap $354 million, YTD return 52.76%


  1. CompoSecure (CMPO) – Industrials, market cap $573 million, YTD return 56.26%


  1. Garrett Motion (GTX) – Consumer Cyclical, market cap $496 million, YTD return -3%


  1. Heritage Global (HGBL) – Financial Services, market cap $106 million, YTD return 19%


  1. Vertex Energy (VTNR) – Energy, market cap $747 million, YTD return 66%



To identify these top stocks, we focused on analyzing whether it’s a good business by looking at key ratios such as profit margins, return on equity, and revenue growth, according to Alvin Carlos, a certified financial planner and managing partner at District Capital Management. We also used the following criteria:

  • Altimeter overall grade of B or higher
  • Market capitalization of at least $50 million
  • Consensus analyst recommendation of “buy” or better
  • Forward earnings multiple of less than 14

While buying stocks priced under $10 can be risky, diversifying your portfolio can help limit the risks of investing in cheap stocks. Remember to focus on a company’s business fundamentals rather than just its share price.


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Gregory Timmons

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