The Don’s Trumped Up Charges

The charges brought against Donald Trump in a New York court related to hush money payments made to Stormy Daniels are ill-timed and inappropriate. While it is undeniable that no one is above the law, including former presidents, some argue that charges against a former president should require a higher threshold, to prevent political prosecutions based on trivial technical offenses. While a crime is a crime, prosecutors have considerable discretion in what charges to bring, and the decision to bring nearly three dozen felony counts against Trump seems politically motivated. Recent history shows that weak charges against Trump have not been effective in neutralizing his appeal, as evidenced by his acquittal in the Senate following his impeachment in 2019. Liberals should be wary of using flimsy pretexts to make historic decisions, such as charging a former president criminally, when there are more damning charges that would resonate better with voters. Trump has proven himself adept at portraying himself as a victim of political persecution, and these charges may end up being used to fuel his reelection campaign.

Most retail investors seem to believe Trump re-elected would be a good thing for the overall stock market.

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Gregory Timmons

Only Headline Contributor


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